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Homestead Products
quality products for simple living, preparedness & outdoors

The Clearwater River not far from us.
That's a hawk, not a spot on the lens. :)

About us

Homestead Products is a small business borne out of a love of country life, a simple lifestyle, and the great outdoors. Our goals are to provide good prices on good quality products of interest to those who share these ideals; provide good service; and, of course, make a bit of a profit along the way. Being simple folks, that's about as sophisticated as our mission statement is likely to get.

We always represent our products honestly. We don't write glowing descriptions unless the product really deserves it. We don't want to sell things we wouldn't want to use ourselves (in fact, we do use most of them), or things folks won't buy if we tell the truth about them.

Homestead Products is located near Kamiah, a small town in north central Idaho.

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