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All-American Pressure Canners
All-American Pressure Canners

Pressure Canners

Made in USA!USA Flag

(Sterilizers now have their own page here.)

All-American Pressure Canners are the top of the line canners that use a metal to metal seal instead of a rubber gasket -- no gasket to wear out and need to be replaced. All models have both a pressure gauge and a pressure regulator weight with 5/10/15 lb. settings -- you don't need to have the gauge checked every year, as with some canners, because the jiggler limits the pressure. It's also much easier to maintain the desired pressure because you don't have to watch it constantly, you can hear from the next room how it's doing. All-American Pressure Canners are made in USA of very heavy cast aluminum. Rack(s), instructions, and recipes included.

All-American Pressure Canners
Model Liquid
Our Price Shipping
910 10.5 qt. 4qt / 7pt 12.2" 11.5 $320 $200 BUY NOW $24
915 15.5 qt. 7qt / 10pt 12.7" 15 $336 $210 BUY NOW $28
921 21.5 qt. 7qt / 19pt 15.75" 17.75 $368 $228 BUY NOW $30
925 25 qt. 7qt / 19pt 17.2" 18.25 $392 $242 BUY NOW $32
930 30 qt. 14qt / 19pt 19.4" 21.25 $464 $283 BUY NOW $34
941 41.5 qt. 19qt / 32pt 19.4" 33 $664 $399 BUY NOW $45

All-American Pressure Canners are shipped directly from the factory. Delivery is usually about 10-14 days. Shipping rates are for continental USA by UPS Ground; other locations or mail shipping will be higher.

Instruction Manual: If you have a used canner, you can download the instruction manual from the manufacturer's website.

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