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5% Prepay Discount

Because of the costs involved in processing credit card transactions, we've always offered a discount to customers who help us avoid those costs by mailing their payment. Even though at present we aren't accepting credit cards, all our prices still include the credit card charges, and it's easier to simply continue the discount, rather than redoing all the pricing just to have to redo it again later.

We're happy to take any check or money order, but anything other than a Postal Money Order will get an 11 business day hold, on the advice of our bank. Yes, that seems like a long time to us too, but they keep telling us there's no other way to be sure something has cleared, and we really have no choice but to take their advice. This is counted from the time it reaches our bank, which can be up to a week or more after we receive it because we're in a very remote location. So it can easily be a month or more from the time we receive your payment until you receive your order. So...

If time is an issue for you, please send a Postal Money Order.
Any other payment will add about 15-20 days to the delivery time for your order.

To get your order total, you can call or email us, use our shopping cart (we'll email you the total), or figure it yourself. Round the total to the nearest dollar if you like, and don't forget 6% sales tax if the order is to be shipped to an Idaho address.

If you figure the amount yourself without getting a total from us, please remember to include the shipping cost!
(Add shipping cost before figuring the 5% discount.)

Before you scroll down for our mailing address

If it doesn't look like this and say "UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE," it will get the 11 business day hold:

If you send any other check or money order, we will have to hold it for 11 business days.

Outside USA: In many countries you can buy an International Postal Money Order in USD at your Post Office. We can accept these with no delay because they are negotiable at our Post Office.

Mail payments to: Homestead Products
2049 Woodland Rd.
Kamiah, ID 83536

Questions? Contact us!
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