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Katadyn Water Filters

We no longer carry Katadyn filters, but we do have some parts kits and miscellaneous items left.

For a drip-type water filter with better specs than Katadyn's TRK, have a look at the AquaRain filters.

If you need replacement elements for your Katadyn TRK Drip Filter, check our prices on Doulton Super Sterasyl elements.

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Combi Filter O-Ring Set #20668
contains replacements for all the Combi's o-rings, and a tube of silicone lubricant.
$24.49 $17 BUY NOW $7

Shipping Cost $7 per order within continental USA; please contact us for shipping cost to other locations. Shipping cost covers only items on this page; can't be combined with items elsewhere on our site.

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