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Country Living Grain Mill

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The Country Living Grain Mill is the best hand-powered mill on the market. It's a solidly built, high-quality precision machine that's designed to last nearly forever. The Country Living Grain Mill is for those who want the best available speed, grind quality, durability, and long life in a simple, easy-to-use mill that doesn't depend on electricity.

Check out these features:

We're occasionally asked if the Country Living Mill will make peanut butter. The manufacturer says it will make "crunchy" peanut butter, but it makes a gooey mess that's difficult to clean up, so they don't recommend it. On the other hand, we've talked to folks who regularly make peanut butter and are happy with the results. We've never tried it ourselves, so that's about all we know about it. But if you're looking to make peanut butter, we'd recommend picking up one of the old "Universal" meat grinders at a thrift shop or Ebay, making sure to get one that comes with the nut butter accessory. They're cheap, do a decent job at making peanut butter, and will outlast just about anything else in your kitchen (with the possible exception of your Country Living Mill, of course).

In our tests, the Country Living Grain Mill ground just under one cup of fine flour per minute (4.5 cups in 4.75 minutes). It takes considerable effort to maintain this speed, and you will work up a sweat. It'll go somewhat slower when using the Power Bar; we haven't tested the speed that way, but we'd guess something under 2 minutes per cup.

Mounting: The Country Living Grain Mill must be clamped or bolted to a counter or sturdy table before use. This can be done with the optional Counter Clamp; or with a couple 3" C-clamps, using small pieces of wood (2" pieces of 1x2 work well) to protect the mill's finish; or you can drill your mounting surface and bolt it down using the mounting holes in the mill's base.

Motorizing: Should you wish to motorize your mill, the manufacturer recommends an 1150 RPM motor of 1/3 HP or larger, with a 1.5" pulley. Faster motors can be used, but should be geared so the mill does not exceed 120 RPM. As far as connecting it to the mill, the flywheel is actually a pulley, so all that's necessary is to make sure the ratio is correct and attach everything to something solid. Country Living makes a motorization kit that we can get for you if you like, but it's $385.

Our Price
Country Living Grain Mill $429 BUY NOW

in continental USA

We can offer a better "Package Price" if you buy the mill with any accessories (below).

Just enter an order using the Shopping Cart, or contact us with what you want, and we'll quote a price.

(The manufacturer's policy prevents us from posting our best prices on the website.)

We will add 6% Idaho Sales Tax to anything shipping to an Idaho address.
Outside continental USA: contact us for shipping cost.

Shipping Cost: If ordered with mill, no additional shipping cost.
Otherwise, it'll usually be between about $8-$18 depending on what you order and where it's going.
If you'd like us to get your OK before processing your order, please note that in the shopping cart's Notes box.
Power Bar
Reduces grinding effort by 40%. Steel extension attaches quickly and easily to the flywheel to make grinding easier (but slower). Manufacturer recommends it for children & elderly. We find its application much broader than that, but it's hard to predict who will need it and who won't. In general, women are likely to need it unless they're used to a fairly high level of physical activity; men are less likely to need it. It'll slow you down because your arms have to make a larger circle when you turn the mill.
Corn & Bean Auger
Required to grind anything much larger than wheat: corn, beans, nuts, coffee, etc. Helps feed things into the grinding plates if they're too big and/or oily to go in well by themselves. Cast stainless steel. Easy to install; can be left in place when grinding wheat or other small grains.
Flour Bin with Lid
This beautiful bin with etched wheat pattern is designed to fit snugly underneath your Country Living Grain Mill to catch the flour as you grind. Tight fitting lid provides perfect short-term storage of your freshly ground flour. It's not an airtight seal so isn't suitable for long-term storage. 8-cup capacity. Measures about 7" x 5" x 6". Made of very durable high impact clear polymer.
Just-In-Case Repair Kit
All the little parts that can get lost, and a few others. Includes 2 replacement bearings; bolt, nut, and 2 custom-cut washers to press bearings into place; 12 standard washers; stainless steel spring; snap ring; 2 long keys; 2 short keys; and instructions.
Replacement Grinding Plates (pair)
Most folks won't need them for at least several years, even with heavy use, but it's always best to be prepared.
(Please note, grinding plates are very heavy so shipping cost will be a little more than some might expect.)
Hopper Lid
Keep the hopper of your Country Living Grain Mill clear of dust and hungry rodents with this handsome lid constructed from natural wood. Designed to fit snugly inside the lip of the hopper.
Hopper Extension
The hopper extension is designed especially for those with motorized mills. It more than doubles the capacity of the existing hopper from 4.5 cups to nearly 11 cups. It settles inside the lip of the mill's hopper, and the hopper lid (sold separately) fits right on top. A handy accessory for large families and farmers grinding feed.
Counter Clamp
Now there is a way to easily and securely mount your Country Living Mill to a counter or workbench. This indestructible clamp is made from 1/4" steel and will mount to any horizontal surface up to 2-3/8" thick with at least a 1-1/4" lip. Keep in mind that your grinding experience will only be as good as your mounting job is sturdy.

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