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Country Living Grain Mill
Country Living Grain Mill

Grain Mills

Which mill do we use ourselves?
Which one should you buy?

We used the Country Living Mill exclusively for some time, and really like it. It grinds a little finer than the Family Mill, and is faster and more durable. We think it'll outlast anything else on the market, because of its all metal construction and sealed ball bearings.

For the last few years we've been using the Family Mill, because we have the motor base, so it's just a lot easier. We like it too. It's much less expensive than the Country Living, grinds as fine as we've ever needed, and has proven to be quite durable. Most people don't get the motor base, but it works just as well and is almost as fast in hand-powered form.

They're both good mills, and which is best for you depends on your needs, priorities, and budget. Many of our customers are thinking in terms of long-term preparedness; if you're among them, we recommend the Country Living Mill because of its unequaled durability. If you're not of the long-term preparedness persuasion, or you find the cost of the Country Living Mill prohibitive, we're confident that the Family Mill will provide many years of good service as well.

Mills that didn't meet our expectations, and why:

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