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Shipping Cost

Shipping costs are listed with each item, at the bottom of each page, or at the bottom of each section on a page. These shipping costs apply within the continental USA, by private carrier regular ground service. If you're outside the continental USA, would like a faster shipping method, or require shipping by mail, it'll cost more.

Most of our products ship from various warehouses around the US. These warehouses maintain much higher stocking levels than we'd be able to maintain on every item we sell. This is good for you because it drastically reduces the chance that something will be out of stock; also, you get the most recent production available. The disadvantage is, if you order several unrelated items, in most cases they can't be shipped together to save shipping cost. If you have any questions about what items can be shipped together, please don't hesitate to ask.

Credit/Debit Card Orders

At present we do not accept credit cards. We've temporarily scaled back our business to allow time to take care of some pressing matters. At present the only way to order from us is to send payment by mail; please see the
5% Discount link at the top of most pages. We don't know how long this will last, but at this writing (March 2011) we expect it to be several months. We're very sorry for any inconvenience.

Special Orders

We offer many special order items that may be difficult to find in stock elsewhere. Before ordering a special order item, please note the following terms.

Special orders usually take an extra couple weeks, more or less, but can take longer. We'll do what we can to make it sooner rather than later, but very little of this time is under our control, so it's not possible to guarantee a delivery date. So if you need it by a certain date, a special order item may not be the best choice.

Because we have to commit to buy a special order item when we put the order in, we need your payment before we can order it. This means we charge your card up front.

It's usually (not always) possible to cancel a special order if it hasn't yet shipped from the manufacturer. In this case we'll refund your payment, less a $10 fee to cover the paperwork and expense involved in processing your order. We'll waive this fee if it's over 30 days since you ordered and the factory still hasn't shipped your item, or if it becomes unavailable. If the factory has already shipped it, or if we can't stop them from shipping it, it's not possible to cancel the order.

Shopping Cart

You can use our Shopping Cart no matter how you want to pay for your order. It's very self-explanatory at every step, but here's a quick guide anyway:
  1. Click the BUY NOW link for each item you want to buy. If you want to change the quantity, key in the new quantity and click 'Recalculate'. The shopping cart comes up in a new window; to return to our site and continue shopping, close the shopping cart window.
  2. When you're done shopping, click 'Go To Payments'. (If you're not in a shopping cart window, you can get there from the navigation menu at the top right of most of our pages.)
  3. Type in your contact & shipping info, and click 'Continue'.
  4. Select your payment method. Here's what happens if you select:
    • Credit Card: We'll figure shipping cost, then charge your card and ship your order, usually by the next business day.
    • Mail check or money order: We'll figure shipping cost and prepay discount, email you with a total, wait for your payment to arrive, and ship your order.

Notes & Other Fine Print
By ordering from us, you agree to these, so please read them.

International Orders (outside USA)

Questions? Contact us!
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