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Steam Pressure Sterilizers

Made in USA!USA Flag

All-American Sterilizers make it possible for all doctors, dentists, first aid stations, hospitals and laboratories to have dependable sterilization facilities in a portable unit at an extremely low cost. Using only a small amount of water, it's only a matter of minutes to dry sterile dressings and instruments, with all bacteria and micro-organisms destroyed. At a temperature of 250F at 15 PSI, the dry steam makes bandages and instruments sterile and ready for immediate use. No chemical residue or moisture to remove, and cutting edges are not dulled.

All-American Sterilizers are made of high quality cast aluminum alloy, with all the special features of the famous All-American Pressure Canners. The metal-to-metal seal eliminates all rubber gaskets. As a safety feature, clamping locks prevent removal of the cover while pressure is present. An accurate pressure gauge, pressure control valve, over-pressure safety plug, and cool bakelite handle and wing nuts are all thoroughly tested features that assure safe operation with a minimum of attention.

Please note these are sterilizers, not canners, and are not suitable for use as canners. They look a lot like canners, but they're set up very differently.

All-American Non-Electric Sterilizers

Use over any heat source.

Model Inner Container Overall
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Height Diam.
1915x 5.75" 111/8" 12.25" $452 $280 BUY NOW $24
1925x 10.25" 111/8" 16.75" $486 $300 BUY NOW $34
1941x 10.5" 14" 19" $834 $502 BUY NOW $41

All-American Electric Sterilizers

All-American was first in the field to develop an immersion-type pressure sterilizer for physicians' offices, hospitals and laboratories. The electric All-American Sterilizer is a complete, self-contained unit with an immersion heating element, automatic thermostatic control, automatic release valve, and pilot light. It connects to any outlet, is ready for use instantly, and ensures complete, efficient sterilization.

Shipping costs are by UPS Ground within the continental USA.
Contact us for cost if you require shipping by mail, or outside continental USA.

Instruction Manual: If you have a used sterilizer, you can download the instruction manual from the manufacturer's website.

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